Bengalureans pedal to promote Art of Cycling during ‘Art of Giving’ celebrations

eNarada, Bengaluru, May 17, 2017:

Hundreds of Bengalureans took to cycles on Wednesday to commemorate the fourth anniversary of Art of Giving Day.

Chief guests inaugurate Art of Giving’s fourth anniversary through cycling from Kittur Rani Channamma stadium on Wednesday. eNarada Pictures

The cycle rally was organised in Jayanagar to promote the environment friendly non-motoristed transport in the city. The cycle rally also symbolised the Art of Giving’s motto of creating unconditional, unlimited and sustainable abundance of love, peace, happiness and contentment for others through gestures of love, kindness and generosity.

Mrs Savita Ganesh and her team enthralled the audience with melodious songs.

Inaugurating the programme, Jayanagar MLA BN Vijay Kumar said he was very happy to be part of this fourth anniversary programme. “We are very keen on promoting cycling. This is the reason why we are coming up with cycling tracks. However, these days, the craze among the youths is to go for costlier bikes and cars which are harming the environment. Hence, there is a need to promote cycling in the city which will not just keep an individual fit but also ensures that Bengaluru’s air is fit for consumption”, he said.

Chief guests (from left) Byrasandra corporator N Nagaraju, Jayanagar MLA BN Vijay Kumar and national award film director P Sheshadri seen pedalling during the cyclothon.

Jayanagar MLA BN Vijay Kumar, who too cycled during the programme, said that he has been associated with Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS) from a long time. “I had visited the KISS campus in Bhubaneswar and it was a revelation to me. Without any monetary gains, around 25,000 kids are being given free residential education from KG to PG. Similarly, under the guidance of KISS founder Dr Samanta, Art of Giving Bengaluru chapter is providing free vocational education to hundreds of government school kids in Bengaluru. We need these kinds of programmes to help the poor people. The Wednesday’s cyclothon followed up by the cleanliness drive was aimed at making a Bengaluru a better liveable city. We are happy to be part of it”, he added. The cyclothon which started from Kittur Rani Channamma stadium and went around Jayanagar.

Art of Giving’s activities being displayed at the venue.

Byrasandra ward corporator N Nagaraju said, “I wholeheartedly thank KIIT and KISS founder Dr Achyuta Samanta for coming up with such an innovative concept.”

During the programme, chief guests also released a number of nature friendly items prepared by the Government school kids. These nature friendly items like clay models and products made out of trash are prepared by the Government school kids under the guidance of Art of Giving volunteers.

The inauguration was followed by Swachha Bengaluru programme where in the entire stadium was spruced up.

Noted film director P Sheshadri said cleanliness was one of the priority areas which are often neglected. “I am happy to know that the Art of Giving, Bengaluru chapter has been working in this field for a long time. It is remarkable to know that Art of Giving volunteers visit garbage dump yards across the city, collect trash and convert it into beautiful artefacts. By doing so, these volunteers are reducing trash and thereby giving scope for cleanliness. This year, the volunteers have taken this to the next level by organising cyclothon and Swachha Bengaluru.”

Art of Giving volunteer Mamata N.Swamy demonstrating various activities of Art of Giving team to the chief guests.

Art of Giving
Art of Giving is a beautiful concept where in people are encouraged to help others. The Art of Giving is a brainchild of KISS founder Dr Achyuta Samanta. Dr Samanta is known for his social service and has been providing free residential education to 25,000 tribal kids in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Dr Samanta realised that these days many people are not coming forward to help others. So, he kick-started a movement to inspire people to help others. Even if someone cannot help, all they can do is at least give a smile. So, to promote the concept of Art of Giving, we are celebrating an annual day on May 17 every year called as Art of Giving day.

KIIT team member Shasmita Rout felicitating national award film director P Sheshadri.

Even women turned up in large numbers for cyclothon

Jayanagar MLA BN VIjay Kumar speaking at the inauguration programme

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  1. Dhruba Charan Mohanty

    Very nice and examplery movement to keep our City Clean and Green. Also it helps people for teaching Art of Giving @ Dhruba Charan Mohanty – Lyricist and Poet.


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