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ENARADA, Bengaluru, November 3, 2014

Police siezing the bus in Bangalore on 3-11-2014 www.enarada.com

The lady traffic police officer trying to check for offences by using her mobile device. Photo by ENARADA.COM

A private bus driver who tried to ignore the words of  lady traffic police officer paid dearly, today. A private bus coming from fort road had stopped at the busy city market junction, obstructing the traffic at the peak time at 5.15pm. A lady police officer asked the driver to move the bus but the driver never bothered and continued to wait there to seek passengers.

Irate officer went closer to the bus to check with her blackberry mobile, whether any  other traffic violation cases pending against the bus. Surprisingly, clever bus operator had  put a garland covering the registration number. When she was struggling to find the registration number, driver tried to scare her by moving the bus towards her.

Driver’s game backfired. Furious lady officer stood like a rock and dared the driver to run over the bus on her. Suddenly, on behalf of the driver, some other person from the bus alighted and tried to pacify her but the lady officer had decided to teach the driver a lesson.

She called the traffic police constable and ordered him to cease the bus.  passengers were evicted and the police constable asked the driver of the bus to drive to  police station.

Enarada.com reporter spoke to the lady officer and found that , officer was very mild in nature but the rude behaviour of the driver made her look tough. She was worried that many hospitals are located in that area and many ambulances pass through that road frequently.

Traffic violation at city market junction. 3-11-2014The private bus which was seized for trying to scare the police officer by attempting to run over her, has a garland fixed to obstruct the display of registration number.Photo by ENARADA.COM

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