A Unique Ganesha Idol collector

eNarada, Bengaluru, September 14, 2016

Collection can be an interesting hobby. While some collect stamps, others collect antiques. Here is a lady who has a unique collection hobby and today is a proud owner of 900 Ganesha idols. What started as an interest to make Ganesha idols, soon turned out to be her passion.

A unique Ganesha idol collector. eNarada Picture
N.Anupama Janardhan showing a clay Ganesha idol, one of her favourite in the makeshift home gallery. eNarada Pictures

Meet N.Anupama Janardhan, a home maker who planned to create a Ganesha idol gallery at her home in Malleshwaram, Bengaluru. However, due to some issues, she had to drop her plan. However, her passion kept her collecting idols. Today, the idols at her home ranges from clay ones to gold and pearl Ganesha idols to ceramic. The size varies from one centimetre to two feet. Interestingly, her collection for the last 32 years include Ganesha idols not just from India but also from 21 foreign countries including Cambodia, Japan, Afghanistan, China, Sri Lanka,Indonesia and others.

Ganesha Idols 2. eNarada Pictures

Speaking to eNarada, Anupama said, “When I was young, I would join my aunt in pooja. One day, I decided to make Shiva Linga out of clay and she liked it a lot and gradually, I graduated from making Linga to Ganesha and it continued till now.” Anupama is not just restricted to collecting idols but also has around 600 pictures of varied form of Ganesha and interestingly, no one idol looks alike.

A Unique Ganesha Idols. eNarada Pictures
This one is precious-24-carat gold plated Ganesha Idol

Currently, the biggest challenge for Anupama is managing these idols as some of the wooden idols are prone for termite attacks.

She gave details of Ganesha temples in foreign countries “A 5th-century marble Ganesha was found in Gardez, Afghanistan, now at Dargah Pir Rattan Nath, Kabul. The inscription says that this “great and beautiful image of Mahāvināyaka” was consecrated by the Shahi King Khingala. Similarly, Kangiten (China) inherits many names and characteristics from the Hindu god Ganesha. He is known as Bināyaka-ten, derived from the epithet Vinayaka; Gaṇabachi or Gaṇapati (Ganapati is a popular epithet of Ganesha) and Gaṇwha (Ganesha). Like Ganesha, Bināyaka is the remover of obstacles, but when propitiated, he bestows material fortunes, prosperity, success and health.”

Ganesha Idols. eNarada Pic
These Ganesha idols are the favourite for every kid

Ganesha Idols. eNarada Pic
Visitors are awed by the various idols

Ganesha Idols collection. eNarada Pic
The collection is so beautiful that one can’t resist going back without clicking their favourite Ganesha idol

Different Ganesha Idols. eNarada Picture

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