iPhone 6 and 6 Plus launched in Bangalore amidst jubilation

The first customer at eZone outlet, Ravi Bhat, a resident of  Kundalahalli, proudly displays his silver colour 16 GB iPhone 6 which he has purchased at Rs.53500. Photo by ENARADA.COM

ENARADA, Bangalore, October 17, 2014 1:30am

By Guruprasad

Year’s much awaited iphone 6 and iphone 6 Plus, launched at sharp  12:02am (yesterday midnight)  in Phoenix Market City Mall on Whitefield main Road in Bangalore, today.

The mall had advertised that both iphone 6 and iphone 6 Plus will be launched in 8 stores under one roof.  But only 5 stores, iStore, Reliance Digital, Sangeetha, eZone and Croma did the sales. The remaining electronic stores, Jumbo, Univercell and Poorvika Mobile World outlets were closed during the midnight launch. However, these shops may start sales, after they are opened in the morning.

iphone 6 launch in bangalore Oct 17, 2014
The early customer at Reliance Digital outlet, Civil Engineer, Santhosh watching closely at his newly acquired iphone 6 plus. Photo by ENARADA.COM

iPhone 6 enthusiasts including women started arriving at these stores at 11.15pm onwards, on October 16. There was more crowd at iStore outlet compared to other stores.

There was no hassles in any of the  five outlets, as all the iphone enthusiasts had booked in advance. iphone 6 sales was brisk compared to iphone 6 Plus.

As it was approaching midnight, staff of iStore opened the carton box containing iPhones and began verifying serial numbers on the individual iPhone 6 boxes.

There was a joyous atmosphere in all the centres. Both sales personal and customers were enjoying the procedure of going through formalities like billing, fixing the screen guard and transferring data from older phone to new iPhone 6.  The event went on so peacefully that not even a single customer was showing any unrest at any point of time.

After iStore, Reliance digital outlet witnessed more customers. There was a delay of 30 minutes in Sangeetha outlet to start the sales but customers were waiting without making any fuss. Stock of iPhone 6 plus was not available at Croma.  eZone  presented iPhone 6 to their first customer by tying the box with a gift ribbon.

iPhone 6 costs Rs.53500,  Rs,62,500 and  Rs.71,500 for 16GB, 64GB and 128GB models respectively, While iPhone 6 Plus costs Rs. 62,500, Rs.71,500 and Rs.80,500 for 16GB, 64GB and 128 GB models.

iPhone 6 launch in Bangalore midnight october 16, 2014
People waiting to grab their iPhone in iStore, while sales team are busy in completing sales formalities. Photo by ENARADA.COM

iPhone 6 launch 2014
Even though there was a delay of 30 minutes to start the sales, iPhone customers wait with a smile, at Sangeetha outlet. Photo by ENARADA.COM

iPhone 6 launch 2014
Scene at the Reliance Digital store at 12:25am. Photo by ENARADA.COM

iPhone 6 launch in  Bangalore2014
iPhone 6 customers who have already got their Phones, waits for assistance from service team, at Reliance Digital Outlet. Photo by ENARADA.COM


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