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Jet Airways cancels flight at last minute, Passengers had a tough time at KIA

eNarada, Bengaluru, Wednesday, November 8,2017

Travellers to New Delhi on a Jet airways flight had a harrowing time on Tuesday. As the flight 9w-808 was scheduled to depart on November 7 at3.15 pm, many had started arriving at Kempegowda International Airport by 1 pm itself.

However, when the commuters went for baggage drop, Jet Airways staff informed them about cancelled flight and argued that they had sent message about cancelleation and they are helpless in this regard.

The Jet officials said that the passengers need to return back or make their own arrangements as the scheduled flight was cancelled.

When the hapless travellers demanded a reason, they were told that the flight was cancelled due to low occupancy. Now, the travellers were furious as to why weren’t they informed well in advance. Countering this, Jet officials claimed that they had already intimated the passengers through an SMS alert. However, none of the passengers who had turned up had got any sms alerts.

“I preferred to book this afternoon flight to attend an emergency meeting in New Delhi on Tuesday evening. However, with the sudden cancellation of flight, my entire business plans went hay way,” said a passenger. As the Jet officials weren’t ready to make any alternative arrangements, passengers were seen arguing with the staff. However, after hours of requests, the Jet airways decided to make alternative arrangements which was not smooth either. In the meantime, many of the passengers lost their connecting flights.

“The officials are testing my patience. Since afternoon, they have been claiming of making alternative arrangements. After the sudden cancellation of 3.15 pm flight, they issued a boarding pass for their own flight at 4:30 pm which was scheduled to start at 5:35pm. Later, they announced that flight will leave Bengaluru airport at 6 pm. When everybody boarded the flight, pilot announced that air-traffic in New Delhi was not providing signals and hence there was a further delay. We would hear a new departure time every now and then,” said Ramesh Padmanabha, an industrialist.

Finally, the flight departed from the airport at 7.02 pm.

Speaking to eNarada, Ravi.P senior manager of Jet Airways accepted the commotion and said they had done away with calling customers to inform about cancellation. “ We have so many passengers travelling with us and it is not possible to call up individually. Our automated system send alerts. Customers have to check with airlines well in advance to have a smooth journey.”

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