Fast on Tadige (3rd day) and not on Ekadashi (11th day)

eNarada, Bengaluru, September 22, 2017

It is a common practice for devout Hindus to fast on Ekadasi. However, now, a well-being consultant claims that fasting done by most of the Hindus is on a wrong day; as they are fasting on Ekadasi instead of Tadige! Generally, Ekadasi fasting is done on the 11th day after Amavasya (New moon) or Purnima (full moon). But, Lt RN Murthy (IN, Retd), a well-being consultant, says that the Hindu panchangam is poison injected with Ekadasi on 11th day after a new/Full moon!

“The real Ekadasi is on 11th day before new / full moon; which is our traditional Tadige (third day). This is the reason why we have auspicious days like Akshaya Tadige and Karva Chauth falling on Tadige and people resort to fasting,” he said giving out scientific reasoning for fasting. Karva Chauth fasting for a woman improves her annual hormonal period setting besides improving her hygiene and spread motherly love, increase harmony at home. “On Tadige, like in the sea, the ocean tides rise and peak, our body water rises, surface tension reduces from 75 to 65 dynes, thereby flows/distributes easily in the body to remove all toxins for good health. If we fast fully, or have simple liquid/fruit diet and break the fast with tender coconut water drink, it will easily improve our health and vibrancy. This helps everyone especially women, as they will have improved and stable periods monthly and pain free. We should follow our traditions, celebrate all festivals with gusto. In fact, we recommend making vrath/sankalp or a wish before breaking the coconut, so that it becomes reality for you. Enjoy fasting on Tadige for real ekadasi fasting for good health and not on the 11th day as per panchangam,” he adds.

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