Kumaraswamy asks critics not to take the new coalition Government casually

eNarada, Bengaluru, Wednesday, May 23, 2018

HD Kumaraswamy took oath as Cheif Minister of Karnataka, in front of Vidhana Soudha today.

Addressing the maiden press briefing after the swearing-in ceremony, Karnataka Chief Minister H.D.Kumaraswamy said, the agenda of the new coalition government is to deliver good governance and advised critics not to take the government casually.

“We will run the Government with a great understanding and we will never indulge in unlawful activities. we are here to provide stable Government” said a beaming Chief minister.

HD Kumaraswamy hinted that all the popular schemes started by previous Government led by Siddaramaiah will be continued and many more new programs may be added.

With a Lingayat/Veerashaiva seer making a negative remark about the new Government, the visibly upset Kumaraswamy said he was hurt by the statement issued by a prominent seer and requested seers not to poke their nose in politics.

Inspired by Nelson Mandela’s quote, “Poverty is not an accident, it is man-made. And it can be removed,” Kumaraswamy said this slogan is the mantra of the coalition Government to eradicate poverty in the state and to provide justice for all.

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