Mere paas kiddo hain

eNarada, Bengaluru, Sunday, July 23, 2017

One of the best ways to thank mom is to help her-be it outside or at home. A young girl is an inspiration to many of the kids in Bengaluru.

This kiddo is trying to unpack fruits near vijayanagar metro station. Despite the guavas being heavy (for her age), she is still carrying them to arrange it in the cart. eNarada pic.

This kiddo who can barely talk or walk joins her mom in the mornings and evenings. As her mother has to make a living by selling the guava fruits on the roads, this kiddo helps her in arranging the guava fruits every day.

As her mother is busy selling the fruits, this kiddo tries to bring in all the fruits from the ‘godown’ and arrange it on the cart. As the day comes to an end, she again tries to pack the left over fruits and put it back in her local ‘godown’.

Being a help to her mom and understanding local business can be one of the best take away points for this super brave girl.

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