Minchina Nondani turns Aame Nondani (turtle-paced registration) !

eNarada, Bengaluru, Sunday, April 8, 2018

Words speak louder than action-this can be best termed for the Election Commission’s latest initiative-minchina nondani (lightning registration). The Election Commission which is conducting the Karnataka Assembly polls scheduled for May 12 had organised a special drive to enroll voters on Sunday. However, lack of enthusiasm from officials turned the event into a damp squib.

The EC had said that the ‘Minchina Nondani’ was aimed to attract special categories (like primitive tribes, physically disabled and other special categories of people). In fact, wide publicity was also given for the same. Despite a good response from the citizens, the officials failed to make the event a success.

eNarada did a reality check at polling stations in Govindarajnagar Assembly constituency. It was surprising to see that many polling booths were closed to public and the citizens who had turned up in huge numbers had to return empty handed.

In case of polling stations 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80 and 81 in BBMP ward number 106 AC 166 of Govindarajnagar Assembly constituency at Magadi road police colony Government High school, the teachers who were managing the booth were enthusiastic to help to voters. However, it clearly looked that there was no proper training for them except the last minute briefs. As there was hardly any BBMP or EC official present, things only became worse. Hence, the teachers who were present were seen directing the enthusiastic voters to go to their respective ward offices instead for further queries. Overall, it looked like the minchina nondani turned out to be Aame nondani (turtle-paced registration).

Polling stations of 42 and 43 (AC 166) in BBMP ward no.106 of Govindarajnagar Assembly constituency was closed and no officials turned up. eNarada Pic

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