When a lady conductor threw out commuters!

eNarada, Thursday, March 29, 2018

This bus was travelling from Haveri to Gadag and two passengers boarded it at Bankapura carrying raw chicken. They were soon de-boarded by the conductor for violating the rules. eNarada Pic

The KSRTC bus from Haveri to Gadag was packed with passengers. When the lady conductor was trying to issue tickets, she witnessed an unusual incident. Blood was spilling on the floor. She thought someone had a stab wound and had boarded the bus.

When the horrified conductor tried to check with passengers to know if anyone was injured or needed any emergency medical help, she got no response.

The suspicious conductor tried to probe further only to realise that the blood was actually oozing out of a bag. When she demanded the passenger to know as to what was in the bag, the two commuters who boarded the bus at Bankapur refused to cooperate.

However, the conductor was adamant and demanded the commuters to open the bag. The commuters yelled at the conductor and soon the other passangers too tried to abuse the lady. However, the lady was in no mood to relent. She immediately blew a whistle and ensured that these two commuters would get down from the bus.

Later speaking to eNarada, the lady conductor said incident happened on March 28. “Fellow passengers initially supported these two offenders saying poor travelers cannot take any other mode of travel. But when they came to know of pool of blood being spread across the passage and on seats, they change their minds and appreciated my sense of duty,” said the lady conductor of the Bus.


She further said, KSRTC had strictly framed the rules. As per the rules, dog should be charged equivalent to one adult passenger’s fare. Rabbit, pup, cat, bird, birds in cage etc. were charged at the child fare prescribed.
Pet animals are allowed at the risk of accompanying passengers and needs to be carried only in baskets, tied with chains and facemasks. However, no commuter was allowed to carry raw chicken or meat as it will not only stinking but will also deface the bus.

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