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Talented women honoured in Mysuru

ENARADA, Mysuru, March 28, 2016

It is time for women to take entrepreneurial roles, according to FKCCI coordination committee president Sudhakar S Shetty. Speaking at a women’s day programme in Mysuru on Monday, Mr Shetty said, traditionally male-dominated fields, like technology, were opening up more and more to women. In India, many women were preferring to take up professional courses like medicine or engineering instead of becoming entrepreneurs for various reasons. Unlike men, women had better skills to run an industry and if they choose to become entrepreneurs, then we can easily eradicate unemployment. Where it once was unusual to see a female CEO in certain industries, it is becoming commonplace today. Businesswomen are rising to the top in every field. There is no reason that women can’t rule as entrepreneurs right alongside men, founding companies and taking them to the top. This is an exciting time to be a woman in business!

Talented women honoured in Mysuru
Talented women from various sectors were honoured in Mysuru on the occasion of women’s day programme. Enarada Photo.

Speaking on the occasion, Mysuru Deputy Commissioner C Shikha said, “There is a saying that there is a woman behind every successful man. Similarly, a man needs to firmly stand beside a woman. If men can give equal rights and support to fairer sex, then we can eradicate inequality and gender difference in our country.”

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