When Rahim sings in praise of Lord Ram

eNarada, Bengaluru, April 5, 2017

When a Muslim girl sang Hindu devotional songs in Zee TV’s Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, there were threats from various corners asking her not to do sing other religious songs. However, here is a Muslim singer who has been singing Hindu devotional songs for decades. In fact, he is not just a singer but a true secular figure as he observes fast on both Ekadasi and Ramzan!

Meet Mr B Husainsab Kanakagiri, an expert singer in Dasa Sahitya (literature of bhakti movement composed by devotees in honour of Lord Vishnu or one of his Avatars) who is in great demand by Hindu scholars and maths by organising his concerts. Hailing from Kanakagiri village, Koppal district, Husainsab developed keen interest towards devotional music since his childhood. He says that he used to frequent temples in his village and join the bhajan mandal and this is where he got his formal training and inspiration to turn his passion into profession.

Speaking exclusively to Enarada.com, Husainsab said, “I will never miss my roja and namaz but this will never stop me from singing Hindu devotional songs. There are people in both religions who appreciate true secularism. For example, my songs are revered by Hindus and I can recall an incident when I had been to Sri Raghavendraswamy Math in Jogeshwari, Mumbai. The Math is located at a place dominated by Muslims and you may not find a single Hindu house near the place. However, when the Math’s function was being organised, all the local Muslims had gathered for the programme not just as guests but also as hosts as they were seen serving tea to adjusting the dais. This is the perfect example of communal harmony. I am pained to see how people fight for religion but I want to ask people what is one’s Dharma-is observing Ekadasi or Ramzan? For me, the real dharma is one who believes in true god and also respects others’ faith.”

Husainsab at Rama navami concert at Bengaluru B.Husainsab at a Ramanavami concert in Bengaluru on April 4. eNarada Picture.

Husainsab Kanakagiri at Ramaa navami concert B.Husainsab Kanakagiri mesmerised audience with ‘Dasa Vani’ concert at Sri Rama Seva Bhaktha Mandali, Srirampuram on April 4, 2017. eNarada Picture.

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