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Youth to Business Forum event held at Jain University

Bangalore, March 17,2013;

Over 650 young people participated in the event enarada organised by AIESEC , The international platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential ,on March 9,2013 at Jain University, Bangalore.

Anand Rao, who implored the participants to ask themselves such crucial entrepreneurship questions as whether an economic recession should be seen as a crisis or an opportunity. He went on to add that the conviction in every young mind- the very thing that brought them to the forum- was the only important thing to make a successful startup and menial things like government contracts, financial assistance and external support were little bumps along the way in comparison to the critical pillar to any startup- the idea itself. He was well supported in his views by Miss. Sudha Raju, who accompanied Mr. Rao and Miss. Yashaswini in an open panel discussion moderated by President of AIESEC Bangalore, Mr. Rakshith M.

enaradaThe discussion was fueled by inquisitive young enthusiasts who didn’t let go of their opportunity to learn from the very best in the business. It revealed a healthy contrast in opinion between the panelists, a fruitful thing to take home for anyone who participated in the discussion. While ‘strategic management’ was termed as the very basis of any startup by Miss. Sudha Raju, who concluded that the execution of a strategy is what everything depended on in the end, it was written off as “MBA jargon” by Miss. Yashaswini and Mr. Rao- who added subtly that the K.I.S.S(keep it small and simple) was the way forward.



In the midst of it all, Global Village- a workshop  consisting of AIESEC interns from     across the continents- saw smooth sailing and a good session of culture swapping.

Meanwhile, the keynote  sessions were kept rolling by a thumping session by Mr. Chenraj Jain, Chairman of JGI. He was followed by Mr. Anand Rao, who returned a second time to wrap the day up.


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