Zebra foal’s birth creates history at Mysuru zoo

ENARADA, Mysuru, April 21, 2016

The Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens created history on Thursday when a zebra gave birth to a foal inside the zoo. This is said to be the first instance of a foal birth inside the zoo. Zoo’s deputy director NT Vijay Kumar said the foal was doing fine and it’s parents; Riddhi and Sudhir were taking care of their baby.

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The Mysuru zoo has a long date with the zebras. The zebras made its debut in Mysuru in 1990 when a pair of zebras were brought in from Hamburg, Germany. After their death, Mysuru zoo acquired a male zebra (Raja) from Lucknow, which died due to infections in 2010. In 2014, two pairs of zebras were brought in from Ramat Gan National Park, Israel. One pair of zebra died in December 2015 due to acute colic and the other pair; Riddhi (three years and five months) and Sudhir (three years and seven months) are now the proud parents.

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