Matinee idol’s 88th birthday fete

ENARADA, Bengaluru, April 24, 2016

It was a festive spirit in Bengaluru on Sunday as the roads were designed with Kannada matinee idol Dr Rajkumar’s posters. Annavaru’s 88th birthday celebrations were celebrated in style all across the city. For some, it was watching Raj’s films again, while for others, it was distributing sweets, food and juice.

Dr. Raj kumr's BD celebrations in Bengaluru on 24-4-2016. :Photo

Basavarj, an ardent fan has converted his scooter into 'Raj Vahana' by spending Rs 30,000. Photo www.enarada.com

Basavarj, an ardent fan has converted his scooter into ‘Raj Vahana’ by spending Rs 30,000. Photo www.enarada.com

Dr Rajkumar was born on April 24, 1929 at Gajanur. Every year, the fans in Bengaluru eagerly wait for this day. Of late, the birthdays have assumed the significance of a religious fest. In many places, huge pandals were erected and Raj fans were seen distributing butter milk, juice and snacks.

Amaresh, an ardent Rajkumar fan said, “Annavaru may longer be with us but he is always with us in our hearts. After Ramanavami and Karaga, it is Raj birthday celebration to serve butter milk for thirsty Bengalureans this summer.”

In fact, it was also a special day for ardent Raj Kumar fans who proved that they can go to any extent to show his love for his matinee idol.

Basavaraj, who runs a canteen near KC General Hospital in Malleswaram, has converted his scooter into ‘Raj Vahana’. By spending Rs 30,000, he has redesigned the entire scooter which now sports Kannada flag colour and photographs of Raj. The scooter has also been fitted with a music system which plays only Raj songs during its journey.

So, next time, when you spot this ‘Raj Vahana’, don’t forget to request for a special ride that comes with melodious songs.

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