BJP wins Hebbal, Deodurg

ENARADA, Bengaluru, February 16, 2016

By Guruprasad

                                                                                        Congress manages to win only in Bidar

 BJP's newly elected MLA from Hebbal constituency, YA Naranayaswamy

BJP’s newly elected MLA from Hebbal constituency, YA Naranayaswamy

BJP took a lead over Congress in the by-poll results that were declared on Tuesday. In the closely contested polls, BJP’s YA Narayanaswamy won over the Congress’ candidate Abdul Rahman Sharief. Similarly,  BJP candidate K Shivanagowda Naik trounced the Congress candidate by a margin of 16877 votes in the Deodurg constituency.

However, the only saving grace for Congress was in Bidar where its party candidate Rahim Khan defeated Prakash Khandre (BJP) by a margin of 22,271 votes.

The Hebbal constituency was a closely contested one and is said to be a setback to Congress as there was severe infighting in the party as to who needs to the Congress contestant.

It was widely believed that Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s favourite and MLC Byrati Basavaraju would bag the ticket.

However, at the last minute, intense lobbying by veteran Congress leader Jaffer Sharief ensured that his grandson became the party’s official candidate. Speaking to reporters in Hanur, Siddaramaiah said the by-poll results were not a referendum on his government’s performance.

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