Protest against shrinking of MBBS seats in Karnataka

Enarada Photo: Protest in Hubli against MCI

Members of ABVP protests in KIMS- Hubli campus against the decision of MCI reducing MBBS seats in Karnataka. Photo: KIRAN BAKALE

ENARADA, Hubli, June 13, 2014

Condemning the decision of Medical Council of India (MCI) reducing 1650 MBBS seats in Karnataka and over 19000 seats in the country, Akhila Bharatiya Vidhyarti Parishat (ABVP) today held a protest in Hubli.

ABVP, the student wing of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has blamed Karnataka Government for playing with the lives of poor merit students.

ABVP has requested MCI to be more liberal and return the seats taken away with Government Colleges immediately as it will help aspiring  poor and intellectual students to pursue with medical career.

“MCI is shrinking 250 MBBS seats in Government Colleges and 1400 seats in Private colleges in Karnataka citing poor infrastructure, inadequate laboratories and shortage of faculty.  But, Government in its Budget has reserve funds of crores of Rupees for improving infrastructure in Government medical colleges. It reflects corruption and ineffectiveness of state Government” Siddu Salimutt, Hubli City Secretary of ABVP said.

ABVP in a statement said, Government which spends crores of rupees for renovating Minister’s residence fails to provide basic infrastructure at Government colleges and it is a matter of shame that MCI has cancelled 100 seats in Government run Bangalore Medical College for lack of basic facilities at its Hostel. MCI has also reduced 50 seats each in other Government run Medical Colleges in Mysore, Bellary and KIMS-Hubli citing other reasons.

ABVP has urged the Government to focus on developing infrastructure which may revive decision of MCI.

15 thoughts on “Protest against shrinking of MBBS seats in Karnataka

  1. vasanth shanker

    The Karnataka Govt has failed miserably in all fronts with only populist policies draining it of its revenue. The 1 re rice is the best example of callousness. When central schemes like NAREGA are running, where is the need for 1 re rice?. The Govt is totally bankrupt in finances as well as pragmatism. There are no teaching staff in colleges. There is no money to pay to part time staff working in Colleges and Morarjee schools. God save us from this hopeless situation!!!

  2. ravi

    All the Presspersons, and Students, aspirants of Govt Medical college Seats

    This is a letter to highlight how mismanagement of Govt medical colleges is being done by the present Govt of Karnataka, due to forcible leave granted due to a honest officer Smt V Rashmi Mahesh, the secretary of medical education in march 2014.


    Let us request the presspersons to regularly visit the Director of medical education at Anandrao circle Bangalore and enquire the status of forthcoming 6 govt medical colleges at Karnataka-you will get callous responses or no response. And most importantly the public is being misled. While the govt has announced selection lists of medical teachers to 6 medical colleges the existing 10 colleges are actually deficient in medical colleges. These colleges are deficient in teachers not due to lack of teachers as often claimed by ministry of medical education but due to lack of honest approach in completing the selection process. Often there have been accusations of corruption occurring at the director of medical education level

    But none is bothered even about the selection process. Everyone in Karnataka is getting a feel that corruption in medical education department is a normal phenomenon and none can change it?

    At the outset let us remember how haphazardly things are being done at Govt of Karnataka Medical education department so that private medical colleges lobby can be benefitted and money can be raked in crores.In this process honest efforts by honest officers to get more medical aspirants get merit seats in govt will get affected. Rashmi Mahesh has been sent out of scene to facilitate the illegal processes, or atleast to see that delay in getting medical colleges permission will cause a loss of 1500 MBBs seats to govt medical seats pool.

    Rashmi has got replace by inefficient persons? No overloaded persons? Yes-An overloaded officer Mr Sivasailam IAS at the HFW is overall in charge while there is no deputy director of medical education to handle the umpteen numbers of processes happening daily. Lack of decision power is seen as we see Dr Harsoor being unavailable to people who try to visit him. He is not available on mobile or phones and such callousness will take a toll of loss of 1500 MBBS seats to general public while it will lead to profiteering by private colleges.

    The plot: Send Rashmi Mahesh on forced leave, Dr Harsoor who is not so active director of medical education will not be able to take independent initiatives and will yield to ministers pressures and political pressures. HONEST OFFICER SIVASAILAM IS OVERBURDENED WITH EXISTING WORK AND thus the medical aspirants will have to stay without seats.

    Intention: To create scarcity of medical seats ( MBBS) and increase the rates of MBBS seats as well as increase rates and scarcity of MD/MS seats. And cause the private managements to profit Market value: 900-1500 seats are in question regarding MBBS…6 new medical colleges are newly proposed and will come only later than September so that private college seats can be sold at a higher rates. Also existing 10 colleges also want to increase by 50 seats each, in government sector medical colleges, and previous secretary Mrs Rashmi Mahesh had taken all efforts’ to get the inspections done as early as possible by may 2014 so that students can take seats to these 1500 odd seats as early as possible in coming counseling being conducted by Govt of Karnataka for MBBS and MD seats.

    • s.pushpa

      YES we give full support and copperation to get back the lost s

      e an affected partyts in govt run medical colleges

  3. ravi

    Every year ComedK top UG seats in Karnataka are booked/ blocked….., a student expecting 20 to 50 rank in medical category this year with a score of more than 150 marks which was equivalent to 7th rank to 30th rank of last few years ends up this year with a rank more than 1000.

    This is ridiculous… why to conduct all such examinations like comedk, KMCA, deemed university, central exams etc., when the seats are already booked ……. is it just to show that capitation is eliminated.

    Instead organizers should be bold to ask Rs 10,000-20,000 contribution from each candidate (From 1 lakh to 1.5 lack student) appearing for PUC/ 12 as donations insured making them fool by appearing more than 10 state and national level entrance exams to get admission to UG courses. If a student appear in average 10 exams the total amount collection by the authorities shall be approx 1,00,000 student X 1500 fee X 10 exams = Rs1,50,00,00,000/-.

    In Karnataka there is no value for the higher marks scored by a student in PU/ 12 as it will not be considered for UG medical entrance score. Then what is the importance of higher marks scored in state PU and other equaling exams? If there is no impact then scrape it!
    Over 300 ComedK medical seats surrendered last year. It is alleged impersonators used to write the exam, block seats and later surrender them. The surrendered seats would then be transferred to the management quota, each fetching up to Rs 50 lakhs or more.

    This year In addition to the using of alleged impersonators, rumors are there of leaking of question paper at cost, doing corrections in answer paper after exam and all other type of illegal methods to see that the pre-determined candidate get desired rank in the exam. That’s why we can see high scoring in medical exam wrt all previous years and present year engineering marks. All of a the sudden students becoming Kalidasa’s that to particularly in ComedK medical exam.

    Rumors there to have booked the seats through KMCA.and that those who have booked the seats shouldn’t mark the answers for questions which they are not sure about and to handover the carbon copies to the respective colleges by evening so that further actions of completing the job will be taken care by them.

    Karnataka Govt. is a silent spectators in the matter!!! reason ????.
    Apart from the above Karnataka students lost admission in about 250 last year MBBS existing seats in govt medical colleges and also starting of proposed six new medical college also in question.Thanks to kar nataka Govt for making students and their parents to suffer.
    Some are suspecting pvt medical college hand in it so that they can get more demand for the seats in pvt medical college and govt action is knowingly or unknowingly helping them.

    Feel pity for this system!

  4. shiv

    Humans are the worst animals. does not even spare yong children of thier career. corruption is at the peak.
    HOW? read below:-
    Govt:- wants to add 10000 MBBS seats and sanctioned in Jan 2014. siting mismatch in docotor citizen ratio.
    Karnataka Govt. 6 medical colleges ready for launch for 2014-15. adding 900 seats to aspiration of poor students.
    MCA:- highly concerned with quality of education. how honest in thier aim only God knows. Hell is assured. Best way to ensure is penalise private / Govt colleges with cash fine or put concerned behind bars, acquire such powers. But instead decided to penalise poor aspirants by reducing seats and not allowing 6 news colleges to function siting other govt colleges not having infra. if MCA is concerned of quality, they should have stopped capitation fees and selling of seats @ 60 lakhs to 97 laks. quality is compromised here to money. if a poor brilliant studend is offered mbbs, he will prove as a asset to society not student pay 60-97lakh and buy mbbs seats.
    we elected bjp in the center with lots of hope and what they are doing to reduce the stress of young aspiring students, to whom namo is calling as future of india.
    please fear to god you all heartless people. dont forget you will have to answer to god before reaching him. stop all these corrupt pratice and be honest in your responsibility of meeting the aspiration of people, because we elected you with hope. MCI pl enlighten your hearts punish the culprits not students who have to see life. dont set bad example of nation destruction

  5. Ramesh

    The situation in Karnataka is pathetic. Only 9% of total seats are for KCET general merit (only 542 out of total 6005 seats).
    Only 1800 seats are available for CET, leaving the managements to loot from remaining 4000 seats. There is criminal intent since many private colleges are owned by powerful and corrupt politicians. People are passively gulping it up without questioning the unholy objective of the State Government

  6. Suresh Heggade

    It is not due to State Govt. MCI is coming under BJP ruled central govt. Why this BJP affiliated ABVP is not asking Dr. Harsvardhan? They need your vote but they do not want to give you your legitimate due. Go and fight in Delhi and not in Karnataka.

  7. Prakruthi

    Mr CM Karnataka please wake up! What are you doing regarding reduced MBBS seats in your Govt. Medical colleges. When every one in concerned about patient and doctors ratio of at least 1000:1, it seems you are not !!!!. adding to this seat reduction mess,the situation in Karnataka is even more pathetic. Because only 23.5% of total seats are for KCET general merit (only792 out of total 3398 MBBS and BDS seats as per 2013-14 Matrix ), whereas remaing seats are taken out by category people. General Merit student gets seat in top 10 college only if he score with in 500 rank whereas category student get the same even if his rank is above 5000!!!. Is this what the level playing means by your own party leader Mr.Kapil sibul’s statement about education system in INDIA. Please give me a sensible explanation as you yourself a Lawyer .I think in India we should be rich or Backward class to get what we what with little or no efforts. God only should save us from this mess. Dated 27/06/2014.

  8. Prakruthi

    MR Suresh Heggade, BJP has come to power in centre only about one month back. In one month MCI can not inspect all colleges in India and give report to reduce MBBS/BDS seats for 2014-15 academic year. Can it????. Dont mix up politics and education please. we have enough of politics in all fields in India.

  9. shiv

    Respected Sir/Mam,
    No point in arguing on irrelevant issue of parties. The burning issue is unilateral denial of MBBS seats to young meritorious students, who can’t afford 50-100 lakhs. BJP may have come now. but people have great hope. Mr H’vardan can easily take control of situation with immediate attention. but the same is not found happening. just blaming any one purpose cannot be solved. it requires action by the present minister in the helm of affairs. It is not correct to punish the student for the fault of colleges and Govt. how our law of land had given veto powers to MCI, how every one is feeling helpless, why the seats cannot be allotted and simultaneously action be initiated against the defaulters in govt / pvt colleges. due economic boon Govt. is able to spend lakhs of crores on roads and other infrastructure. but to build the society cannot spend few crores to create / add required medical college infra. pvt. colleges are getting crore per seat spend on beautifying outer look of colleges cannot spend on teachers and medical infrastructure. this is the society we are giving to young fertile minds. same. same on all those in the helm of affairs.

  10. shiv

    Who is this MCI? what are they up to. how are they taking 100 cr population for a ride. are they God? what Govt. is doing are the question haunt common man who is unable to get admission to his meritorious child due, playful mischief of mci

  11. shiv

    What a pity? MCI and Govt. both are insensitive for the apathy of poor meritorious students in karnataka. whopping reduction of Govt. seats from 2550 in 2013 to 1803 in 2014 of that 550 seats are resurved for hyderabad karnataka. what a injustice? Now i can firmly say that “God is not there”. As the year pass-by number of mbbs seats should increase, it is decreasing. govt / pvt. multi story multi multi story buildings and roads and many infrastructure developped. population increased. but opportunity decreased. it is disgusting. “Badavana sittu davadege moola” that is the flight of we poor’s. May god bless MCI with more cruelty, govt. more insensitivity to future citizen of tomorrow. more money to private medical colleges management via donations. god bless god bless.

  12. shiv

    What a pity. Every body washed off their hands in karnataka. just see in Maharastra on 25-07-14 additional 500 mbbs seats are added for poor student. in karnataka the kcet-2014 reduced to 2350 against 2590 in 2013, out of that the minister got special quota for his districts depriving other districts poor students. 6 new Govt. medical colleges were ready, but no concern for poor aspiring students. just MCI say no every thing is dropped there itself. If it would have been for their interest, matter would have been published out of proportion, would have gone on agitation. but for us who is there to fight. may god enlighten our political masters to realise that “WE CARRY NOTHING WHEN WE GO TO HELL / HEAVEN”. but the good wishes of those for whom u do the difference.

  13. Bindu

    Government Playing with the Fate of KCET 2015 aspirants
    It was a surprise for the MBBS aspirants when 10 colleges were missing from KCET 2015 seat matrix, which made the cut off rank 1503 only this year where as last year it crossed 2000. But they were optimistic that in the second round it may be added in the seat matrix. But, they were left with no hope when the second extended round also over without adding any medical colleges and students below 1503 rank in general merit were allotted with dental seats are asked to join in the dental colleges after paying the fee. Where all these colleges missing? Out of that 2 ESI medical colleges lost because of conflict between state Government and Central Government as to who will spent the operating cost, where as many other states solved the issue and started course this year also. Among other 8 medical colleges 2 colleges got approval from MCI but CET did not get any information about that and skipped it from the second extended round also. Besides this many private medical colleges applied for increase in seats are also hanging. Also, colleges under deemed universities have not given agreed seats this year also and the Government is closing its eye on it even after big news and students protest last year for this.
    It seems there is a big lobby of private medical college managements and government agencies to create scarcity of medical seats and increase the rates of MBBS seats. If they succeed, the private managements can sell 1000-1500 seats are in question for MBBS course at Market value (presently above 1 crore per seat) . This could be one of the biggest scam of Karnataka in the recent times. Out of 10 medical colleges which were not given approval by MCI for intake of MBBS course in 2015-16, 2 have already got approval from MCI (Siddartha, Tumkur& Yenepoya, Mangalore with increase in 50 seats) but not added to CET 2015matrix even in extended second round, and at least 6 are likely to get approval and may come only later than September so that those subsidized government seats will go as management seats which can be sold at a higher rates. Also existing several colleges who want to increase by 50 seats each, in private medical colleges, many have not got approval and likely to get it after September and can be given as management seats.
    Besides all this, AIPMT was cancelled and conducted again on 25th July and expected to release the rank list in the end of August only. Many Karnataka students who got in CET way be qualified in that and likely to surrender their seats. Even KOMEDK has considered this and promised another round of counselling after AIPMT results, whereas CET is adamant and advised students to join in allotted colleges without any options or choices or else they will lose their seats which in turn leads to hand over all surrendered seats to the management quota..!!!!

  14. Gopalkrishna

    Madam Binduji
    Your statement reflects true &pathatic condition of medical education systems karnataka.cut off marks for last years & this year shows negligent attitude of medical edu ation dept. Our constitution guarantees equal opportunity to all its citizens.But honest taxpayers/general people &their wards are denied being HONEST TAXPAYERS.Personal taxes levied on these people contributes lakhs of crores amounts co tinuosly to govt kitty for NATION DEVOLOPMENTS upto his /retirements.EVEN AFTER DEATH OF THE PENTIONERS. IT FORFIETS PENSION FUND AMOUNT.
    NOW it is the duty of these govt s& supreme court to restore fundamental education RIGHTS of meritorious general merits aspiring students.Hope our govt understands HUMANRIGHTS Violations also.


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