Devotees admire teens innovation at an ancient temple

ENARADA, Bangalore, October 4, 2014

“The wastebasket is a writer’s best friend” according to a popular saying. The young boys have proved that wastebasket can also be a best friend for indigent innovators.

Three teenage boys  from Bidadi town in Ramanagar Taluk, Ramanagar District, 32 Kms away from Bangalore, are doing amazing work.

They uses  old corrugated box, aged  wastebasket, worn Thermocol, discarded pens, empty soft drink cans, cardboard used in packing cloths and various other waste materials to create admirable pieces of design in Temples and winning the hearts of devotees.

Bharath displaying a prototype, enarada.com
Bharath Kumar displaying the model of Shiva Linga he built using waste materials, in front of main deity of Sri Ramalingeshwara Temple in Bidadi. Photo by WWW.ENARADA.COM

Student of Bachelor of Visual Arts at KEN School of Art in Sheshadripuram, Bangalore,  Bharath Kumar.B.B.  is residing in Bidadi Town and has a god gifted talent to re create any objects he sees. Be it Deities, Mythological objects, Vehicles, Animals, Hills or anything on the earth, he can create a prototype within a day.

Bharath breaths innovation but buying new materials was out of his reach.  He started using freely available waste materials to chase his dreams. Seeing his interest in developing beautiful designs from scrap,  Shashikumar and Deepak,  his two friends from the same area joined him and an innovator’s team evolved.

Shashikumar got a formal education in Maralugavi Mutt and speaks Sanskrit fluently. He later joined Raman Polytechnic in Kamakshipalya, Bangalore while Deepak is a student of 10th standard in a school in Bidadi.

Together they made prototypes of Vehicles, Birds, Homes and the big break came to them when their talent was noticed by members of Sri Ramalingeshwara temple administration.

Right in front of Bharath’s small house is an ancient temple in Bidadi town, Sri Ramalingeshwara Temple where large serpentine lines is  a common sight during festival season.

Temple administration encouraged the trio to develop new designs matching with the themes of particular festival  to showcase it in the temple premises.

Bharath’s team got into action and created a replica of Himalaya mountain with Lord Shiva Meditating on it during Shivarathri last year. Devotees surprised to witness lord Ganesh moving and blessing them by sitting on mouse(A motor was fixed to a wooden mouse carrying lord Ganesh) on Vinayaka Chaturthi day last year. So far they have done 10 unique designs to Sri Ramalingeshwara Temple and devotees have all praises to see such an indigenous  innovation.

From this year they have got additional responsibility to decorate the main deities of Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvathi and Ganesh in the temple with fresh flowers.

“Main festivities like Shivarathri, Sankashta Ganapathi Vratha, Monday’s during karthika Maasa, Navarathri is celebrated in a big way in our temple. Bharath and his team  has become a part of our celebration throughout the year. We have given full responsibility to them to decorate Deities with Flower Garlands and other designs apart from creating innovative models to highlight the spirit of festival and tradition” said Kumar, a third generation temple administration member and the main priest of the temple.

Vijayadashami celebrations, Enarada.com Oct4,2014
Kumar, priest of Sri Ramalingeshwara temple in Bidadi, performs  a ritual, as part of Vijayadashami celebrations in the temple premises today. Photo by WWW.ENARADA.COM

Trio’s popularity has spread to entire Bidadi town and all the other temples are requesting them to become a part of their celebrations too.  Hanuman temple has requested them to do a Arishina Alankara (Turmeric paste decoration) on each Saturdays while many other temples wants their services on special occasions.

Speaking to Enarada.com, Bharat said, “We have  been encouraged by Sri Ramalineshwara Temple and our first priority lies with this temple.  We can think of extending our service to other temples only if we find time as many festivals will takes place in this temple itself.”

When asked about his future plan, Bharath became silent for few seconds. He knows that his innovation may be praised by one and all, but to earn his daily bread he has to join for a work.

“Toyoto motors have an opening in Logistics department and I will start working to earn money as my passion gives inner happiness but not money.  Whether I like it or not I have to work,” lamented Bharath.

Bharath who is an artiste, Innovator and a good human being, can be accessed on his mobile number +91 9886925869.


Deepak, Bharath and Shashi kumar (seen in the picture) decorates Maha Tripura Sundari Amma in various avatars (manifestations) using waste products and vegetables, during Navaratri festival between September 25 and October 4, 2014, at Ramalingeshwara Temple in Bidadi Town.

Night 1) Parvati, Night 2) Annapurneshwari,  Night 3) Kamakshi,  Night 4) Lakshmi,  Night 5) Mahishasura Mardini,  Night 6) Banashankari, Night 7) saraswati,  Night 8) shakambari, Night 9) Rajarajeshwari  and Day10) Vijayadashami. Photos by ENARADA.COM

3 thoughts on “Devotees admire teens innovation at an ancient temple

  1. TEJAS.M

    The matter about Bharath was very good. Once even I and my brother Hemanth had gont to his house and we saw so many idels of Lord Shiva and many other gods. As you said he had made many other beautiful things we had seen all those things and were surprised to see. We had visited his house the last shivaratri when I and all my cousins were awake. We were feeling bored so we went to his house

    No more words to say


  2. Ashwin Kumar.R

    N WERE HIS TEMPLE.. he is looking like very tallented guy,, want to make his frndship because iam also same like bharath means intrested in making idol..drawings.. etc


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