‘Textbook learning has no meaning without wisdom and culture’

ENARADA, Bengaluru, February 7, 2016

JSS Feb 7, 2016

JSS honorary president and Jayanagar MLA BN Vijay Kumar addressing students during the valedictory program. Photo by enarada.com

Learning from life is more important than learning from textbooks. Textbook learning will be meaningless if one fails to gain wisdom, said Jayadeva Institute of Cardiology director Dr CN Manjunath.

Addressing the students at a valedictory programme organised by the Jayanagar Shaikshanika Samiti (JSS) on February 7, he said the students should understand that the noblest pleasure was the joy of learning.

“Learning is a continuous process and we learn something every day. Once we stop learning, then we become stagnant in life,” he said adding that JSS had set an example in quality teaching. “It is ironic that people build large houses where only few stay and though we acquire more degrees, we have little common sense. We need to score good marks but more than scores, it is wisdom, culture and respect towards parents, elders and teachers which accounts for a student’s success.”

With an aim to boost results, the Jayanagar Shaikshanika Samiti (JSS) had organised free coaching for 10th standard students. Senior teachers who have had decades of experience were roped in for the rigorous training.

JSS honorary president and Jayanagar MLA BN Vijay Kumar said this was the eighth year of free coaching classes and they received tremendous response. The main aim of the crash course was to provide quality teaching and increase the results of individual students.

JSS President Dr Sameera Simha said this year’s coaching which began in November concluded on last Sunday and they now expected the students to pass out in flying colours.

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