Treat for music lovers at Akashvani Sangeet Sammelan

Vidushi Kolkotta Padmavathi performing at the concert

Vidushi Kolkotta Padmavathi performing at the concert

ENARADA, Mangalore, September 29, 2013:

Photo and Text by C D SOUZA

The Carnatic Classical vocal by Vidushi Kolkotta Padmavathi Saranathan and Hindustani Violin by Vidushi Kala Ramanth, Mumbai, held at Town Hall in Mangalore on September 28, 2013  as part of the Akashvani Sangeeta Sammelana 2013 delighted assembled music lovers and conquered their heart with a classic performance.   While Vidushi Kolkotta  Padmavathi Saranathan gave a marvelous performance of Carnatic Classical vocal, the “singing violin of Indian classical music” Vidushi Kala Ramanth, Mumbai  succeeded in taking music lovers to a totally different world with an  awe-inspiring   performance of Hindustani Violin.

Every year All India Radio organizes   music concerts for invited audience   all over the country in its efforts to popularize Indian classical music.  This year too, 58 Akashvani Sangeet Sammelana 2013 were organized all over the country simultaneously on September 28, 2013.  Mangalore was one among the three places chosen for the concert apart from Mysore and Bangalore.

The first part of the concert comprised classical vocal presentation by Vidushi Kolkotta Padmavathi, a “A grade” artiste of AIR Trichy,  which began at 6 p.m.    She began her recital with a Tyagaraja composition Suguna Moole Chakravaka roopaka tala.  Her rendition demonstrated the depth of her creativity as a singer and her control over her voice.  She then went on to regale music lovers with sudha madhurya, a composition of T N Balasubranya.  She followed it up with Muthu Swami Deekshithar composition Sri Mathrobhoothi Kannada,  Ragha mishra chapu taala.  Padmavathi   then followed it up with ee mayya, raga kamboji khanda chapu taala, a composition of B Ramdas.  She ended her recital with the composition of Purandaradasa,  khande naa Govindana, raga Chandra, adi thaala.   Padmavathi was ably supported in her efforts by S Eshwara Varma Thiruvananthapuram in Violin, Kolkotta S Aravind in Mrudangam, N H P Rajarajan, Thiruvananthapuram in Ghatam and AIR Mangalore staff artiste Mountesh Kumar Chavani in Tanpura.

The second part of the programme, Hindustani Violin by Vidushi Kala Ramanth of Mumbai was eagerly awaited by Hindustani music lovers and true to the expectations, this singing violin of Indian classical music made the audience dance to her tunes with a puissant performance.  It was indeed a treat to the eyes and ears to watch the jugalbandi she had with her Tabla saathi Vishwanath Nakod of Bangalore, who complimented her singing with his Tabla performance par excellence.

Ramanath who was born in Mumbai but brought up in Chennai in a musical family which excels in South Indian Classical music studed music from her aunt and Guru N Rajam and also learnt with PT Jasraj.  Ramanth  performed raag bihaag with bandish trital, followed by ektal and ended her one hour long performance with Bhairavi raag Tumri and the audience approved her versatility with a thunderous applause.

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