Barber’s son makes it to Management course

eNarada , Bhubaneswar, Friday, July 6, 2018

Founder of KIIT & KISS and Rajya Sabha Member, Dr. Achyuta Samanta with Haguri and his son Jyoti Prakash Barik.

The KIIT and KISS campus is always a mine of human interest stories. Jyoti Prakash Barik, a bright and enterprising student has made his way into the prestigious KIIT School of Management.

Barik is the son of a barber. Though he was a bright student, he was unable to afford the management education. However, when the news reached philanthropist and KIIT founder, Dr. Achyuta Samanta, he immediately swung into action and ensured that Barik continued his favorite course.

Recalling the incident, Dr. Samanta said, “I have been visiting Haguri, my barber, for the last 26 years. During my recent visit, I found Haguri to be a bit upset. When I enquired as to what happened, Haguri replied that he was trying very hard to get a management seat for his son. As the fee was expensive, he was confused as to how he could fulfill the desire of his son. I told Haguri not to worry and got a seat for him at KIIT School of Management.”

Now, Barik’s fee has been waived off and he is also getting a scholarship to support his Master’s Programme.


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