The driverless car creates anxiety on Bengaluru- Mysuru Highway

eNarada, Bengaluru, Wednesday, July 4, 2018

The crowd panicked at the busy Bengaluru- Mysuru Highway in front of the Wonderla Amusement Park Arch, Hampapura cross, seeing a driverless car hitting a KSRTC Bus twice.

The Tamilnadu registration car stopped at a roadside few meters away from the main road junction and the driver got down without applying the handbrake. Within minutes, the car started moving backward and smashed a KSRTC bus which was going to Mysuru. After the impact, the car went little forward and came back again due to the slope and hit the bus again and stopped finally. The passengers of the bus, auto drivers from the nearby autorickshaw stand, vendors from nearby shops and the general public surrounded the spot and got panic after realising that there was none in the car.

The Maruthi Suzuki Ertigo car belongs to Sadhiq from Chennai and the incident happened at 7.15pm today. eNarada Pic

Speaking to eNarada, Sadhiq said,”I have stopped my car and went to nearby autorickshaw stand to discuss hiring an auto for my laborers. I am from Chennai and came to Bengaluru two days ago. I have taken a contract at the nearby factory for FRP work and wanted to book an auto for transporting my laborers. When I heard the noise, I assumed it was an accident but never expected that my car was involved in the accident.”

Eyewitnesses said major accident averted as the car came to halt after hitting a KSRTC bus.

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