e-Narada releases two videos for Christmas

e-Narada, Bengaluru, Monday December 25, 2017

Make Santa Claus wall/car hanger at home

Christmas celebrations are synonymous with Santa Claus being welcomed. Every year, people go for Christmas shopping to buy Santa Claus wall hangings. So, we thought why not teach you to make Santa Claus wall hangers at your home.

Bengaluru’s famous art teacher Mamatha N Swamy is once again back with her viewer-friendly Santa Claus class. Here, she takes a few pieces of cloth, cotton and a few household items to make the Santa Claus. As usual, her style of teaching is so awesome that you can make your own Santa Claus after watching the video. These wall hangers can be used for decoration as well.

How to make Thermocol Santa claus

Christmas is incomplete without a glimpse of Santa Claus. So, we are helping you out to create your own Santa Claus at home. So, instead of buying dresses to dress up a Santa Claus, you can go for a Thermocol (Polystyrene ) Santa Claus this Christmas. So, if you are wondering where buy this one, here is the answer.

Namma Bengaluru’s famous art teacher Mamatha N Swamy comes up with yet another DIY video and this time on making a Santa Claus out of a Thermocol. So, all you need to do is watch this video here and make your own Santa Claus.

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