Vascodigama fails to ‘educate’

ENARADA, Bengaluru, October 24, 2015

The year 2015 has been a dream run for Sandalwood as we have been seen quality movies enthralling the audience. Films like Rangitaranga, Aatagara and Kendasampige have proved that a good story and narration can still win at box office even it had no big star cast. However, this dream run of tinsel town has hit a roadblock with Vascodigama.

To begin with, there was too much of hype associated as the movie makers had announced this to be a parody of the current education system and would suggest ways to make the Macaulay system better with their thoughts and ideas. However, we would  like to ‘educate’ the audience that if at all if you are planning to watch, then better watch only for the last 10 minutes as the rest has literally nothing to offer. The movie is also filled with illogical scenes.

For example, instead of driving the point that the present education system is useless and new way has to be found to allow students to pursue subject of their interest, the movie focuses on studying useless subjects. If this is not enough there are scenes which are hard to digest and above one’s thought process like..founder of an educational institution transfers every responsibility to his staff and heads to US where he believes in the doctored CD that his institution is running well and yet maintaining first place in academics, sports and cultural activities. Some of the scenes like a lecturer giving proxy attendance to students in return to sharing a booze with students and promoting mass copying, could well have been avoided.


The movie is based on the popular theme- “Ishta pattu kelasa madi,  Kashta pattu kelasa madabedi” (work with interest and not for the sake of working). Initially, this dialogue draws applause of the audience. However, as it repeats time and again, it turns out to be monotonous and clichéd. The only hope for the movie was the narration which loses pace and turns out to be ‘hopeless’. Though the star cast has done justice to their roles, it could have been a big movie provided it was handled well. To sum up, it could have been a classic movie if directed well. Ironically, it has turned out to be a classic disaster. Above all, the movie doesn’t fit into any of the genres (comedy, action, romantic, documentary) except being mediocre!


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